How Do I Start An Online Digital Business?

Start Your Digital Business Now.

So ….

I just decided to enter the digital world of entrepreneurship and did not know what do I do next.

For most of us this is sudden.  You one day woke up and said enough is enough and you wanted to work for home and start your own internet business.

These were my thoughts 2 years ago when I needed to do something different in my Brick and Mortar business. It was so bad I did not even know what a brick and mortar business was.

As far as I knew I had a retail store selling stuff.

I think it became a category when the internet world started.

People in this industry throw around those internet words like it is a common knowledge.

Guess what IT”S NOT.

Avatar, Autoresponder, banner ads, solo ads, website; Yup, I know that one is;

” a website is a book or catalog on the internet about your business”.

Websites Are Useless

I actually thought that a website was useless in the ocean of websites. Most people had a site because that was what you were suppose to do. That is like publishing a book that no one reads.

Now I am of the thinking that; if you do not use the internet you are losing out.

I mean big time.

I use emails to send messages to my clients and customers constantly; and guess what in the Brick and Mortar business my competition never knows what I am doing until it is too late. You must be in your customers minds all the time for them to consider you and your product, products and upsell to them if you want to stay or exist in this game.

Look at that word “upsell” in the internet marketing business this is one of the most important things ever. (This in latter blogs)

People who have been in this business are very highly skilled in what they do; and guess what there are many categories.

Each category takes a skill set and techniques that make a world of a difference to your business. Strategies go on and on and keep changing constantly. Unfortunately this is necessary because there are a lot of fish in the ocean and chance is necessary to survive.

So where do you start and what do you do to start.

You don’t even need to have a product, any more. If you don’t , here is a free eBook to the different types of online businesses that are out there.

Things You WIll Need To Do.

—The first thing you will need and there is no getting around it, is something to help you communicate in the digital world.

A Computer, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Cellular Phone, Tablet, Note Phone or anything to communicate with the digital world.

These devices are not used for the simple functions of just making a phone call or doing a letter to a friend anymore.

They will be used to educate and inform to your followers. Once this happens you can then sell to them, because they Know, Like and Trust you. You will start to hear this alot.

—The second thing you will need to do is not as easy as the first.

That is you must decide on a form of communication.

You will need to talk to or communicate with the people out there; and there are many ways to do this.

Facebook, Emails.Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Blogging, Youtube and much much more. Don’t get too excited though; because some are more popular than others, and all have a similar technique to master. I do not want you to rule out a simple old fashion phone calling at this time. Even if it is with Skype or Facetime.

The next level to this will be webinars in Zoom or any other webinar software.

If you are already using any of these systems, that will be a good place to start.

Continue with what you already know.

For those of you who do not use any of them you will have to pick. I can not tell you which one to pick, because you have to use one that sets best with you.

How To Decide if Facebook Is Best For You.

I will have other blogs with more descriptions of each categories later, for now you have to ask yourself some simple questions.

Am I a good writer?

Do I even want to write?

Are you comfortable in front of a camera?

Are you one to communicate daily?

Do you communicate with pictures?

Do you like videos?

No matter what you choose; the skill set needed for any of these can be learned. So do not worry about it. The key to starting, is to use what you have, and grow from there.

Not go from there but “Grow From There.”

What If I Stink?

At first you will stink.

Then as you continue doing it, you will stink less.

Just keep going until you stink less and less and less.

Just get up and start, and don’t worry about how good or bad you are.


The skills and technique needed will come later.

You just have to be willing to put the time in to learn them. Your education for your business will the most important thing for your business at this time. You must totally immerse yourself into your business for a time to get it going.

If you are trying to get rich quick, this blog may not be for you.

Even Get Rich Quick Systems Tell You This.

The best get rich quick systems (which this is not) will tell you that it will take the average person at least 3 years to stabilize your business. 3 years to make it really work. It can grow from day one, but to learn the in’s and out you must study, stay consistent and guess it will take you some time. To eork from home will take time.

You can be the expert or the go to person in or before 3 years but you must stay patient. This will totally depend on you; so hang in there and don’t give up.

Someone put it to me this way.

Let’s say you started a blog.

Took a week to set it up.

Struggled to write.

And struggled with getting even one person to read it after a period of time.

Guess what you are now an expert to someone. There will be someone out there that you can teach. There will be someone that will be interested in your product, brand and blog. A year later you will have at least 52 blogs written out if you write just one a week.

If there is only one thing I can teach you it will be this.

Slow down and take our time. In time you will surprise yourself.

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